Dear Nico and Renske

On behalf of all the learners, staff and parents of the Gateway School we would like to express our heartfelt thanks for the truly wonderful school hall that has recently been handed over to us. It is very difficult to express in words exactly how much this hall means to The Gateway School. Seventeen years ago The Gateway School moved from Florida Park to our current site.

Over the next sixteen years additional developments in the form of classrooms, sports fields, walkways, a therapy centre and hydrotherapy pool were added. At the same time there was an ongoing need to maintain the facilities. All this used up a very tight budget and we could never seem to achieve our ultimate dream which was a school hall. Every time it rained during assembly or speech day, we wished for a school hall. Every time we had to borrow another schools hall for a function, a meeting or fundraising event we wished for a school hall.

Little did we know that 2012, which incidentally is the 40th Anniversary of the founding of The Gateway School, would be the year that our dreams would be turned into reality. We can honestly say that we had no idea how many truly wonderful and generous people in our community would be prepared to donate time, money, expertise and materials to build the hall. In the words of David Thomas "Unselfish and noble actions are the most radiant pages in the biography of souls". Your unselfish and noble actions will forever have a positive impact on every learner, parent and staff member of The Gateway School. Once again thank you for making our dreams a reality.

Yours with sincerest gratitude


"Within two weeks of getting the requirement brief from Rainer Straussner, CEO of Cobra, Almero Retief from Entity Architects tabled a 3D proposal that had been designed in Rivvet software," says Louw. "Eave heights that were 3 m higher than Cobra had anticipated, the use of translucent polycarb sheeting that reduced lighting requirements and the use of a light steel structure convinced Cobra’s board to appoint Renico Construction on a turnkey basis."

Renico Construction was onsite within two weeks with an initial six-month construction plan that encompassed reworking the existing building earthworks platform, constructing the entire building and installing a new pump and tank and sprinkler system.
However, within a mere four months, Renico had completed a 4 880 m² warehouse.

Commercial & Industrial Property News | September  2010

We have used Renico Construction on numerous projects over the last 8 years.
Renico has always been our first choice due to their vast experience in the commercial and residential construction field.
Not only are they extremely efficient contractors but Nico Louw always goes the extra mile to provide us with additional advice and assistance.
Renico has always delivered each and every development on time and within budget.
We have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever to recommend Renico Construction to any potential client as their work has always been of an excellent standard.

Filey Investments
Directors: P A Dykes & J van Heerden

SA Roofing recently had the pleasure of hearing first-hand from Entity Architects about the top-notch work produced on the impressive Eureka DIY Solutions facility.

Reflecting on which features he attributes to the success of the building, Retief concludes by acknowledging others on the project team:
"I think its a few items. One, having a very dynamic client in the form of Eureka, who are prepared to push the boundaries of convention and try out new things. Secondly, the team that put together this building has been working together for a long time and all concerned parties brought the best out in each other. I personally feel that most of the success of this project should go to Renico Construction, as Nico Louw has the ability to put together teams—both professionals and subcontractors—that motivate and drive each other while working under huge time constraints."

S A Roofing  Nov / Dec 2011

Dear Nico,

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to you and your firm for once again being of such great assistance to the Gateway School with the leveling of the ground for the netball courts.

These netball /basketball courts have been a project that has been in the planning stage for quite some time. The school was very eager to commence with this project but there was just not sufficient funds to do so. Renico Construction came to our aid and before long the ground was being leveled and prepared for surfacing.

The excited learners watched the progress in awe as they also realized that very soon they would be practicing on a real netball court.

Attached please find the 18A certificates for the donations and once again please accept our heartfelt gratitude for assisting The Gateway School to complete a much needed project which greatly benefits the lives of the learners in our care.

Kind regards


Extract from Johannesburg Heritage Foundation Newsletter No. 6; December 2013

"Congratulations though to Renico who in developing the townhouses in Dundalk Avenue, Parkview agreed to restore the old house which had been very badly neglected and was so badly damaged by 15 years of a collapsed roof, that the structural engineer said it could NOT be restored. Well, Renico’s team has proved him wrong. Next time you spot the house as you drive down the Zoo hill be grateful that Renico kept their word and proved that often old buildings were so well constructed that even the worst attempt at demolition by decay can be frustrated."

Flo Bird (Editor)

Letter of Thanks from Dr Leon Smith, Advocate at Law

26th January 2015

Nico Louw & Michelle Taylor


Dear Nico and Michelle

A short note to thank you very much for your donation of Shoes, Caps and T-Shirts to the Shibumi Orphanage which was received on Saturday, 24th January 2015.

Please accept our heartfelt thanks from all at, and involved with our orphanage and know that your kindness and generosity is sincerely appreciated by all that shall benefit from it !

Our motto "to accept the world as it is and rise above it" is not always easy and people like yourself demonstrates that caring sometimes comes from the most unexpected sources which makes life for the kids just a little bit easier – thank you once again !

We also believe in exchange and for that very reason I am indebted to you should I ever be able to assist you, please do not hesitate to ask.

Sincere regards

Leon Smith (Signed)

From: Jacques Jacobs [] 
Sent: 20 July 2015 03:33 PM
To: peter; Projects; Casper Meiring;; ''
Cc: Nico Louw; Johann Weich
Subject: Honeydew VIRGIN ACTIVE Well done

Afternoon All,

I want to congratulate each one of the team members involved with the Honeydew Virgin Active, another world class facility designed and build by you. 

It’s a record for Virgin Active South Africa, building a facility in the shortest period ever without jeopardizing on quality. I special thank you to Deon and Peter from Renico Construction for your professionalism and support.

Can I ask that we keep the momentum and finish off all small snag items before Wednesday? 

Kind Regards 

Jacques Jacobs, National Construction Manager
Telephone: +27 (0)21 684 3000 Mobile: +27 (0)83 397 8968

Live happily ever active

Please consider our precious environment before printing this email.

Letter of Thanks from an Impressed Rental Seeker!

Goeie dag,

Ek wil net begin deur dankie te sê vir die uitstekende diens wat ek deur die maatskappy ontvang het a.g.v een van julle agente.

Ek het Junior laatweet eks opsoek na n plek te huur en hyt sommer spoedig te werke gegaan na ek al hoe lank sukkel om n netjiese plek te kry.

Die professionele diens wat hy lewer is puik en ek glo n hele paar agente van ander maatskappye kan n paar lesse by die man kom kry.

Weereens baie, baie dankie aan Junior en als van die beste vir hom in die besigheid.

Reinier Boshoff.