Message from the MD - May 2019

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Dear Friends, Property Investors and Enthusiasts,

Tomorrow South Africans will once again head to the polling stations to make their mark in our 6th democratic election. Not only have we been bombarded by constant SMS'es and phone calls from the political parties we have once again been promised sweeping change and great improvement.  It is no wonder most politicians cannot be trusted...

There has definitely been a lull in the economy during the period leading up to the elections, yet who will emerge as the victor after May the 8th will come as no surprise. A few minor changes may be expected as some of the minority parties scramble to form coalitions with the major role players, but I do not envisage this bringing any large scale change to our current political landscape.

Unemployment is definitely the biggest issue at hand and must be addressed urgently after the victory champagne has flowed. One can only hope that the leaders will keep this in mind and will attempt to breathe some life back into the ever-slowing South African economy.

Author: Nico Louw

Submitted 07 May 19 / Views 199